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Gabrielle has had a deep connection with music from the day she was born.   Music has always been a "healing force" in her life and because of that, she began releasing her own music in hopes of helping other people. She hopes that her songs resonate with listeners the way that her favourite songs have with her. 


Gabrielle is a multi-instrumentalist, writer, vocalist, record producer and graduate of the NSCC Music Production and Engineering program. She plans to take on the male-dominated recording industry by continuing to collaborate with "as many female creatives as possible", and "making art that no one can ignore." 


She says that her musical style is heavily influenced by everything that surrounds her. Ranging from the people she meets, the places she’s been and the music that she has been exposed to. Some of her heavy musical influences at the moment are Justin Bieber, Dominic Fike, Lady Gaga, Rihann, Finneas and Remi Wolf. 

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